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Nutrition Log - Peach

Nutrition Log - Peach

  • 📒 FITNESS & FOOD TRACKING - We know dietary requirements can change depending on your fitness program. The Nutrition Log features a simple tick-box to track whether you are exercising or not, and allows you to set your nutritional goals for that specific day. Once you have tracked all of your nutrition for the day, the 'Daily Totals' helps you to check you have hit the goals you set


  • 🍽️ WORKS WITH ANY DIET PLAN - Whether your goal is weight loss, investigating food intolerances, or to track macros and calories, the Nutrition Log Book will help you achieve your personal goals and track your progress. The 'Fuss-Free' Food Diary is quick, easy and flexible to use alongside any healthy eating plan and to help keep yourself accountable


  • 🎯 ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS - No matter your goal, you need to plan to succeed and hold yourself accountable. From Slimming World to low-carb/ Keto-diets... or simply making healthier diet choices, the same principles apply. Accountability, and consistency. The Nutrition Log Book lets you log your meals, snacks, and drinks for 100 days of tracking & features some inspirational words to help you through your journey. Perfect to use as a daily, weekly & monthly meal planner, or to log as-you-go


  • 🏆 MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS - With 2 pages completely dedicated to recording your bodyweight, body measurements, and general wellness (sleep, concentration, energy levels and digestion), you can look back and be proud of how much you've already achieved. This is a great way to boost your motivation and ensures that you are making the right kind of changes to keep optimising your training and nutrition


  • ♻️ BUILT TO LAST - Every Nutrition Logbook is made from 100% recycled paper and is made right here in the UK. The A5 size means there is plenty of room to log your food, and the durable wire-bound design is able to easily withstand daily use, all whilst being lightweight and portable enough to take with you on-the-go
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