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Our Story

Founded in London, 2016, Workout Logs began with one goal in mind; to provide the most effective way for people to set their fitness goals, record workouts and track their progress.

My name is Ben Timmons and this is my story…

It’s 2005, and I’m just another stereotypical mullet adorning, chubby teenager, taking his very first steps into a gym. Pretty daunting.

Unable to tell my bicep from my glute, I sought guidance from one of the gym’s marvelously muscled personal trainers, who took me under his wing and mentored me. Whilst training together, I noticed that he would always have a notebook with him through every gym session. Detailing the exact exercises performed, the number of sets, repetitions, and the weights. I soon followed suit, and started tracking each and every workout in my own notebook, affectionately referred to as my ‘Training Bible’.

The result? Every workout became laser focused. I was in the gym with a clear goal in mind, knowing exactly what I needed to do to beat the previous weeks’ session. I became stronger and fitter, faster.


In 2016 I was involved in accident resulting in two herniated discs, causing sciatica in both legs. This injury prevented me from any form of training; much to the anguish of my friends, who I hardly ever mentioned, let alone moaned about my injury to.

The one thing no one tells you about having a long term injury, is just how boring it is. Eager to keep my mind occupied, I thought “I can’t train right now, but why don’t I try and help others in the pursuit of their fitness goals?”. Having witnessed first hand how effective recording your workouts can be, I looked to see if there was anything on the market that is specifically designed for this.

I found that a lot of training diaries often didn’t have enough detail to track everything that you needed, or they were too small to record anything in legible detail. So during my 18 month training hiatus, I decided to make some use from my three years spent studying Product Design at University, by creating my very own gym diary. I mean, there has to be some sort of tangibility of going to University aside from a life time of crippling student debt?.

Drawing on expertise of fitness experts and gathering feedback from those who already recorded their workouts, the Workout Log was created. Fast forward to the present day, and Workout Logs is the number one choice on Amazon, and is now available in the UK, USA, Germany and Australia.

Helping others achieve their fitness goals is my biggest passion. It gets me out of bed in the morning. This is my ‘ikigai’. What’s yours?

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