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Easy ways to help you lose weight

Let's face it, losing weight SUCKS.

I'm still yet to ever met a sane human being who has said "You know what? I am really loving trying to lose weight."

Now don't get me wrong, the results are thoroughly enjoyable; but the process can be hard-work and take some time. As the days pass, it is all too easy to come unstuck, cave in to temptation and 'fall off the wagon' - so to speak.

So how do you lose weight? Forget all the fads, all the juice cleanses, the Herbalife products, and all that other bullshit. The bottom line is this...

The amount of calories you expend MUST be higher than the amount of calories you consume.

That's it. Simple science.

Take A Flight - Forget elevators and escalators. Opt for a good old fashioned flight of stairs instead. You burn roughly 0.17 calories per every step you ascend, so this is a really simple way of burning extra calories throughout your normal day.

Make a Move - For many of us, work is a very sedentary activity and it's all too easy to be sat at your desk for hours on end. Make a conscious effort to get up and walk every 20/30 minutes. Whether it's a simple stride round the office or popping outside to get some fresh air, keep moving regularly to make sure you're burning calories as frequently as possible.

Think Teaspoon, Not Tablespoon - How often do you finish a meal and instantly say "I'm still hungry"? I'm a repeat offender of this, mainly because I wolf down my meals so quickly that it looks like I'm fearful someone might take it from me. It has long been discussed that the average person takes around 20 minutes after eating to feel sated/full, and eating so quickly can be at the detriment of this. Subtle changes like using smaller cutlery ensures you eat your meal more slowly, which can have a big impact on your overall satiety levels.

Take A Stand - The simple act of standing enables us to burn far more calories than we ever can when sat on our little derrière, about 50 calories per hour more in fact. So the next time you have a phone call, or ride the bus, stand up for it and help burn some extra calories.

Be A Headless Chicken - A brisk power walk burns almost 50 calories per hour compared to a leisurely stroll. So the next time you need to walk somewhere, set yourself a challenge to see how quickly you can get there and burn some more calories.

Keep Fidgeting - It's time to throw out the rule book and ignore the archaic advice of parents and keep fidgeting! The more, the better! A study found that frequent fidgeters can burn up to 300 calories more a day compared to those that don't fidget. So get tapping those feet, bouncing those legs and wiggling in those seats!

These are just a few of the things that I incorporate when trying to lose weight. So give some of the try and see how you get on!

Got any tips that you swear by? We would love to hear them!

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